General principle

Kolping-Bildungswerk Paderborn gGmbH

Since 1967 we are a successful and honored responsible of adult education, vocational training, qualification, employment and integration. We offer juveniles, young adults and adult’s qualification and educational measures. This measures are tailored towards their skills, their personal development and their career advancement. We help disadvantaged people in activities to vocational training.

Adolph Kolping is the role model of our work. We orientate ourselves on the Christian human and the world view of Christian sociology.

  • Personality- the human is the center and the aim of acting
  • Subsidiarity- the community helps with the completion of tasks which cannot be handled by a single person
  • Solidarity- the needs of the weakest link in society have to be considered
  • Common good- in decisions the benefit for the whole society has much priority than the satisfaction of individual interests
  • Sustainability- the responsibility for future generations requires appropriate handling with the livelihoods of this world

Our actions focus on the human. Education is a lifelong trial which involves the complete person. This process mediates professional and social competences. To us, it is really important to create individual support and to include the family and social environment. We respect and safe the dignity of every individual.

We want:

  • to motivate and help people to create their life independent
  • to support and advice people who have questions concerning education
  • to promote people with developing and expanding their professional and personal existence with the help of our educational offers
  • to convey a job to people and support them to find a job on their own
  • to strength people in upheavals and support disadvantaged and handicapped people by conveying education
  • to enable people to take social responsibilities 
  • to take social impact according to our efficiency and competence in questions about education

Our activities are defined by acting customer-oriented, employee-oriented. Furthermore they are entrepreneurial and in line with the market.

Acting customer-oriented means to respect the interests of all of our customers and partners during the planning, the provision and the further development of our offers. Satisfied customers are the focus of our work. Because of that, we are really interested in their expectations, experiences and requirements. The standards of our provision of services are: personal learning success, successful transactions, professional and social integration. With our customers and cooperation partners we work together trustfully and reliably.

Customers who are pleased are the main point of our work. Therefore we are really interested in their expectations, experiences and requirements. Standards for our services are personal learning progress, successful graduation as well as professional and social integration. With our clients and cooperation partners we work together faithfully and reliably.

Employee-oriented actions means that the employees are the central resource of our organization. Therefore satisfaction of the employees is an important corporate objective. We promote transparency and internal communication. Quality and support of the professional development and the model role of the employees are our issues. They contribute personal responsibility, for the tasks which are given to them, and use layout options.

Corporate action means to face up to the market as a merger of companies. Our economic operational principle is characterized by the achievement of optimal quality by a professional, appropriate and fair market price. Economic success has not an end in itself to us but is a condition for a continued compliance of our corporate goals. Because of that we pay attention to an efficient and economic use of resources and development at the labour market.

We are aware that we comply an important social task with our work. We surrender the requirements and expectations and form an active part in processes of improvement and innovation.
Innovations are made on time and in accordance with requirements in the economic framework which is prescribed. We are acting in the base of legal requirements and scientific findings. Ecologic behavior and preservation of our environment are important to us. Our quality policy hold by a comprehensive quality management system.