Who we are - our comprehension of education

“To educate means to design, to form and to develop. All the better the implementation is- all the better the education precedes.” (Adolph Kolping)

Education is much more than just transfer of knowledge: our offering in the fields of training and further education

Education is much more than just transfer of knowledge. As a service provider in the field of education we have a lot of experiences. Since 1967 have been working successfully in the fields of adult education, job-related education, qualification and integration- these areas show our competent knowledge. Education is a lifelong trial which involves the complete person. This trial is orientated in cognitive, emotional and practical components. With our learning opportunities we expose the complete learning biography of a human:  the elementary level, school, training and career, further education and education in the post occupational stage. We stand behind the concept of lifelong learning solidly. We are able to create an accurately fitting product which fits to the particular needs for every target audience.  Our maxim “education with value” stands out against our competing companies.  Educations is not standardized to us. It is an individual and varied process. In the field of education it is always about humans. With competent and individual consulting and with flexible offers we take account of that. Our employees work by using scientific standards and the quality of their work is saved by regularly further education. Who decides to do a training in our company, to book a course, to visit a long-term further training or who wants to do a consulting service with us can be sure to find professionality and reliability. Education needs a strong value to be on firm ground. Efficiency and sustained yield are not a disagreement. In “education with value” both constituents are combined. With this we can guarantee that education is more than just conveyance of knowledge.

We can guarantee this value in the whole division of our work and in every single business segment of our organization:

  • Work with Economic enterprises
  • Training and job ( SGB II and SGB III)
  • Adult education and professional development
  • Inclusion ( integration enterprises and people who support integration)
  • Help for disabled and elderly people
  • School
  • Youth welfare
  • Securing of professional competence
  • Work with refugees


Wolfgang Gelhard

Wolfgang Gelhard

General Manager Kolping-Bildungswerk Paderborn gGmbH